Web hosting is the need of the hour for online creators, prominent entrepreneurs, and even small businesses.

Gone are the days when people would ask for recommendations from friends or colleagues. Almost everyone now has the power of the internet to fulfil their wishes. As soon as someone feels the need for a service or a product, it takes a mere few seconds for them to open their mobile and look for it online. Nowadays, even for their basic food requirements, people need more time to go to their nearest retail store. Instead, they check it out online and place an order eight times out of 10.

This is the reason that online presence is more and more becoming a necessity rather than an option for anyone who is looking to reach a potential customer.

And the first step in building an online presence is finding an exemplary web hosting service that powers users with a speedy website and provides the company with personalized support 24*7. You don’t always have to build a full-fledged and sophisticated website. Even an essential website, hours of operation, and contact details may give you the wings your business needs to fly higher and higher in this internet-connected world.

Below are a few companies that will serve you well with their hosting services if you are looking for your first hosting provider.

1. SiteCountry:

SiteCountry is a fantastic hosting services provider that will amaze you with its affordable packages, superfast performance, and unmatched support, and it is one of the few companies that provide an excellent price-to-performance ratio.

Every hosting company will boast about its speed and uptime, but only a few companies understand how badly any emerging business needs a dedicated customer support unit. SiteCountry provides a 24*7 dedicated customer support team that no other industry company can match. website snapshot



SiteCountry offers to host plans that are not only affordable but also provide excellent services. Their hosting plans start as low as Rs. 49/month.

Customer Support:

SiteCountry provides dedicated customer support that is available 24/7 and of excellent quality. The support options include live chat and email.


The company ensures exceptional uptime performance of 99.9%.


Experience lightning-fast website speeds with nine times faster NVMestorage.

Data Center in India:

With servers in India, the website speed is swift in the sub-continent.

Beginner Friendly:

SiteCountry is a beginner-friendly platform that is an excellent choice for startups and professionals.


Single-click WordPress Installation available.

User Ratings:

In 2023, the company was awarded as “One of the top 10 hosting providers” by HostAdvice- a globally renowned hosting review platform.

Additional Exciting Features:

Free SSL & CDN

Up to 30 Free Migration

Free Domain & Free Backups


No significant cons

Check out Site Country’s lightning-fast plans here:

2. Hostinger:

Hostinger offers reasonable hosting solutions with a wide range of products. The company is a reputable web hosting service provider that operates both in India and around the world. Its noteworthy selling points include cost-effectiveness and exceptional customer support.



Product Range:

Hostinger offers several products under hosting services


Hostinger claims to provide up to 99.99% Uptime.

Downtime Alert:

Subscribers receive downtime alerts and get updates when issues are resolved.

Additional Features

Free SSL

Free Migration


Network SLA:

There is no Network Service Level Agreement provided by them.

Speed & Storage:

Limited storage on basic plans. Some other companies facilitate much speedier websites.


No free domain on the cheapest plan

No dedicated hosting options

3. DreamHost:

DreamHost has been in the industry since 1966 and has two shared hosting packages with various features.




Free Domain & SSL provided


Single-click WordPress Installation feature available.


Customer Support:

According to specific customer review platforms, Dreamhost lags behind its competitors in providing customer support. On specifically mentioned plans, there is an additional fee for receiving callbacks from support staff.

Business Email facilities:

Business email is not included in basic subscriptions.

4. Bluehost:

Bluehost provides attractive options for new WordPress websites. Much like DreamHost, they, too, have been in the market for a long time. The company offers good opportunities for beginners at cheap rates. logo




Bluehost guarantees up to 99.99% Uptime


Single-click WordPress Installation available.


Free Domain for the 1st year

Downtime alerts:

In the event of downtime, the company offers downtime warnings.



The prices of the service increase significantly after the first year.

Customer Support:

Some customer review platforms highlight that Bluehost’s customer support is under-par per customers’ expectations.

Storage & Speed:

The company provides low-storage options for basic hosting plans.   

5. HostGator:

HostGator is an excellent choice for both beginners and pros, with its selection of website builders, domain options, and hosting services. The company provides shared, dedicated reseller & VPS hosting solutions.

Hostgator logo



Range of Products:

An array of options to choose from

Domain & SSL:

HostGator provides free Domain & SSL services.


With HostGator, it’s possible to install WordPress with just one click.



Compared to its competitors, the monthly pricing plans are relatively expensive.

Customer Support:

No direct customer support.

Summary: Comparison Table

Web Hosting ProviderSiteCountryHostingerDreamhostBluehostHostgator
Good forBest overallGood overallA good choice for WordPress hostingGood uptimeA good range of hosting services available
Customer Support5/54.0/54.0/54.0/54.0/5
User Friendliness5/54.5/54.5/54.5/54.5/5
Additional Features5/54.0/54.0/54.0/54.0/5
Hosting packages start at (in INR)₹ 49/ month₹ 149/ month₹ 212/ month₹169/ month₹ 79/ month
Reviews (HostAdvice)5/54.6/54.3/52.9/53.7/5
Table 1: Comparison of best web hosting companies in India


Selecting a suitable web host for a website can be a complex endeavour. This article aims to provide an informed understanding of the prominent industry players and their strengths and limitations.

While brand recognition and website speed are frequently considered the primary selection criteria by users, a web host that adequately supports business objectives should also offer comprehensive hosting features, including- professional customer support, locally hosted web servers, and user-friendly interfaces.


Q. Which hosting is the cheapest?

Ans: SiteCountry is known for offering affordable hosting plans without compromising on the features.

Q. Which hosting is best and cheap?

Ans: There are a few hosting options available on the market. Out of all, SiteCountry has established a reputation for delivering hosting plans with a wide range of features at a competitive price point.

Q. What is the safest web hosting provider?

Ans: There are several web hosting providers that offer secure and reliable hosting services. Here are some factors to consider when evaluating the safety of a web hosting provider:

  • Security Features: Look for hosting providers that offer features such as SSL certificates, regular backups, DDoS protection, and malware scans to enhance the security of your website.
  • Reputation: Check the hosting provider’s reputation and reviews from current and past customers to assess their reliability and security track record.
  • Compliance: Ensure that the hosting provider complies with industry security standards such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, or GDPR, depending on your website requirements.

One of the companies that stands out among others for excelling in all the aforementioned parameters is SiteCountry. It provides all the necessary security features, has a 5-star rating on HostAdvice- a globally known hosting review site, and complies with the required security standards.

Q. Which is the fastest hosting?

Ans: There are several elements that contribute to the speed of a website, such as the hosting provider, server resources, optimization of content, and caching mechanisms.

The data centres of SiteCountry are located in the United States, Europe, and Asia. This ensures lightning-fast website speed across these continents. Also, with CloudLinux technology implemented on all of the servers of SiteCountry, we guarantee that other websites do not impact the performance of your website. Moreover, you can enjoy the benefits of LiteSpeed servers, which are proven to be 300 times faster and capable of processing more requests than any other web server currently available.

Q. Should I pay for hosting? Can we get free hosting?

Ans: As it goes, “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” Free hosting may come at a high cost, potentially compromising website speed, customer support quality, and other critical features.

Fortunately, SiteCountry offers hosting services at highly affordable rates, starting at just Rs. 49 per month, while still delivering all the essential features required to host a fast, high-quality website.

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