How to uninstall a WordPress site completely via the control panel?

This tutorial will guide you on the steps to uninstall your WordPress site and remove all data completely.

How to uninstall a WordPress website from your control panel?

This tutorial will enable you to delete your WordPress website directly from your SiteCountry Control Panel.

To delete your WordPress website from your hosting control panel, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your SiteCountry control panel, tutorial:
  2. Navigate to ‘WordPress Manager’ under ‘Extra Features’.
Click on ‘WordPress Manager’.
  1. Choose the WordPress installation and expand by using the toggle.
Use the toggle to expand options.
  1. Give a click on ‘Uninstall’.
Click on ‘Uninstall’.
  1. Make sure the following checkboxes are checked and proceed to remove the installation.
Ensure the shown boxes are checked and click “Remove Installation” and wait a few moments.
  1. Congratulations, we’ve successfully uninstalled the WordPress website completely within few simple steps.
Installation removed message displays.


Today we saw how we could uninstall a WordPress website completely within a few minutes from your SiteCountry control panel, this could be used to reset your website completely and remove all data within a few simple steps.

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