How to use File Manager in Control Panel

In this tutorial, we shall be going through the steps following which you can get direct access to the core files of your website be it WordPress, Magento, PHP, etc.

Step 1: Log in to Dashboard and control panel

First of all, make sure that you are logged in to the dashboard, and then go ahead and log in to the hosting control panel. You can find the step-by-step tutorial to login into Control Panel through the dashboard here.

Step 2: Click on Filemanager Button

Next in the Interface scroll down to System Info and Files section and click on the File Manager button.

A new Screen with an Interactive File Manager will open up. Go ahead and click on the domains folder

A: Getting Familiar with the file manager

This will display all of your domains, next click on the domain whose files you want to access:

Finally, Click on the public_html folder and this will list all of your files in the public root directory of the domain you selected in the last step.

B : Create an Archive of all/certain files

To Prepare an archive of all of your files in public_html Select all the files by clicking on the topmost checkbox and then clicking on add to the archive.

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