Why Transfer Domains to SiteCountry

Free Privacy Protection

Need some privacy? We will protect your personal info from the WHOIS database for free.

Domain Lock Security

Lock your domain to prevent unauthorized transfers of your domain names.

Great Prices

Register, transfer and renew domain names for a cheaper rates.

Easy Management

Manage your domains with an easy-to-use control panel and dashboard.

Domain Name Prices

TLD Register Transfer Renew
.com $10.17 $10.17 $13.18
.in $10.17 $10.17 $13.18
.net $10.77 $11.25 $11.86
.org $10.16 $11.61 $11.37
.xyz $3.58 $11.97 $11.97
.info $4.78 $19.99 $19.75

Frequently asked questions

A domain name is like your house address. It is how visitors will be able to locate your website on the internet. Sitecountry.com, like Google.com and Facebook.com, is a domain name. Some popular domain extensions (TLDs) are ".com,", ".in", ".net," or ".org.", etc.
It is important to have domain names to help potential visitors find your website easily. Without assigned website names, they would have to memorize IP addresses, which are hard to remember. When you register a domain, the DNS servers will connect it to your website’s IP address.
With SiteCountry, getting a free domain is simple. All you have to do is sign up for any premium/elite cloud hosting plan for 1 year and above. Learn how to claim your free new domain name.
When you register a domain, your personal contact information (such as your name, address, email, and phone number) is typically added to the WHOIS database, which is a public directory of domain name registrants. If you are concerned about your privacy and don't want your personal information to be publicly available, you should consider using domain privacy protection. SiteCountry offer this feature free with every eligible domain name.
A domain name is like your house address. It helps people find your website online. Whereas, web hosting is like your house - it's where all the files, images, and other information for your website are stored.
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