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Automatically part of every hosting package.


Minimally impacts site performance while securing.


Every plan guards against small to medium attacks.


Easily upgrade to advanced protection if needed.


Ensures your site stays up and running smoothly.

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For those needing more robust protection, our advanced DDoS service shields against large-scale and sophisticated attacks.

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Since 2020, we've proudly provided top-tier web hosting services to our clients. Discover our unique features, exclusive to our offerings and unmatched in the industry.

  • English/Hindi multi-lingual Support

    Our multi-lingual support team offers friendly, efficient help to all our customers.

  • Renewal Discounts

    Our renewal discounts set us apart, ensuring you won’t have to switch providers annually due to high fees.

  • Troubleshooting Issues

    SiteCountry's support team specializes in solving rare issues, delivering outstanding assistance to our customers.


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I recently switched to SiteCountry for my web hosting needs, and I am extremely satisfied with their service. The hosting speed is impressive.

Whenever I require assistance, the customer care team is readily available to provide help. The service is exceptional, and I highly recommend it.

I have been using SiteCountry’s premium cloud turbo plan for 2 years, till date the site has not gone down even once and recommend it.

I have been using Sitecountry for my website hosting needs for about 2 years now, and I have been thoroughly impressed with their service.

The customer support is simply superb. I had made a messy installation for a website and was about to give up. But their support team was easily accessible to sort it out for me.

I have tried all hosting companies from Hostinger to Siteground to Kinsta but this hosting is the best I could ever say. Thanks to its friendly pricing.

Frequently asked questions

Our free service includes basic DDoS protection, capable of handling small to medium scale attacks, ensuring your website's availability and performance.

We monitor incoming traffic for threats and automatically deploy filters to block malicious activities, keeping your site safe and operational.

Yes, we offer an advanced DDoS protection plan that provides enhanced security measures for handling larger and more complex attacks.

No, our basic DDoS protection is included free with all hosting plans, providing essential security without additional charges.

Businesses with high traffic volumes, handling sensitive information, or those in industries targeted by more sophisticated attacks might consider upgrading.

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